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2019 Photos

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Last show of season
Paladijnstraat, Geldrop

English Fair Weldam
24 September 2019
    Helmond and Utrecht
dance Bobbing Around

Thaxted videos:
Helmond Morris Men,dancing at The Farmhouse Inn Monk St Thaxted (film by George Bennett)
A group of Basque dancers from Berriz, a small town in the province of Biscay (film by Whitchurch Morris Men)
A few intrepid volunteers tackle one of the Basque dances, including Peter (film by Michael R Dunn)
Watch this space for further pictures and films

2018 Photos

Ring Meeting
22 – 24 June 2018
Castle Fair Weldam
15 September 2018

2017 Photos

King’s Day
27 April 2017

2016 Photos

Thaxted Ring Meeting
3 – 5 June 2016

Thaxted videos
with Helmond

Procession (George Bennett’s film)
Step Back
Black Joke


Thaxted videos
with others


24 June 2016

2015 Photos

Ring Meeting photos:
Pictures from Antony and Jennifer
Pictures from Mr Mollemans (1)
Pictures from Mr Mollemans (2)
Pictures from Frans Verbakel
Videos from Mr Mollemans:
Bluebells of Scotland by Benfieldside
Black Joke (Bled.) by Helmond
Abram Circle by Manchester
Castle Fair Weldam
5 September 2015

2014 Photos

King’s Day 2014
26 April
Rye Weekend 2014
23 - 26 May
Balance the Straw (film)
Bonny Green Garters (film)
SHAPE English Fête
14 June 2014

2013 Photos

Stick Cutting Utrecht
19 January 2013
Queen’s Day 2013
30 April
Ring Meeting Copenhagen
23-25 August 2013
Keith’s photos
Sunday procession
Castle Fair Weldam
Bledington Black Joke
Squire’s Jig

2012 Photos

27 May 2012
Museum Klok en Peel
23 June 2012
Balance the Straw
Castle Fair Weldam
8 September 2012
“Meet en greet Great Britain”
Veengalm, Neerkant
6 October 2012

2011 Photos

Stick Cutting Utrecht
15 January 2011
Queen’s Day
30 April 2011
Thaxted Ring Meeting
4-5 June 2011
Show Dance:
Gallant Hussar
Castle Fair Weldam
10 September 2011
Photo by Frans Pleumeekers

2010 Photos

Leisure and Hobby Market
16 May 2010

Castle Fair Weldam
11 September 2010
40th Wedding Anniversary Party
Asten 11 December 2010

Ring Meeting Videos

Saturday show
Sunday show
TV broadcast Monday 3 May
filmed in Son, Lieshout and Geldrop on tour 2

2009 Photos

Leisure and Hobby Market
19 April 2009


Making a television spot
24 April 2009


Queen’s Day in Helmond
30 April 2009


Reopening of Heistraat
5 July 2009

Stonehenge, Stourhead and Bath
3-6 September 2009
(Joseph set 1)


Stonehenge, Stourhead and Bath
3-6 September 2009


Stonehenge, Stourhead and Bath
3-6 September 2009
(Joseph set 2)


Stonehenge, Stourhead and Bath
3-6 September 2009


Balance the Straw at Stourhead
Upton-on-Severn stick dance in Bath
Balance the Straw in Bath
Bonny Green Garters in Bath


Stonehenge, Press pictures
© Dominic Parkes


Fools and Animals weekend
24 October 2009

2008 Photos

Brandevoorterdag, Helmond
18 May 2008


Leisure and Hobby Market
Helmond, 18 May 2008


Thaxted Ring Meeting
31 May – 1 June 2008
Antony Heywood

Thaxted Ring Meeting
31 May – 1 June 2008
Frans Verbakel


Thaxted Ring Meeting
31 May – 1 June 2008
John Henry


Thaxted Ring Meeting
31 May – 1 June 2008
Geoff Haywood


Thaxted Ring Meeting
31 May – 1 June 2008
Gill Phillips

2007 Photos

Morris Dance Weekend
28 – 30 April 2007


with Earlsdon and Utrecht


Folkwoods, Eindhoven
10 – 12 August 2007

Earlier Photos and Films

Morris dance at wedding in 2002

On 20 April 2002 Helmond Morris Men celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of the founder, Theo Driessen with a tour of places associated with him. We visited the house where he was born, the church where he was baptised, the place where he went to school, a street named after him and the school where he taught. At the church, there was a wedding in progress so we offered to do a dance for the bride. Our guests for the weekend were the Thaxted Morris Men and their music helped to drown out the church bells. This is the result: FILM

60th Anniversary Weekend 1995

During the weekend 27-28 May 1995 Helmond Morris Men were joined by Thaxted, Utrecht, Silurian and Chester for a weekend of dance. Jonathan Heywood filmed it and you can see the result here

The first Ring Meeting we organised was in 1985. The Saturday evening show was given in the Helmond Theatre. It can be seen HERE